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public design theory

my award winning approach to design for social impact

Hand Drawing

design as a "Conversation"

Design, is a verb, an adjective and a noun, it’s definition varies depending on whom you speak to. My Design process can be viewed as a conversation. A conversation that takes place across Space, Time & Culture.

designers as "hosts"

This conversation is for everyone who occupies the problem area, and the problem area is always bigger than we first think. My role as a designer for social impact is one of a "host." Carefully inviting all who are in the problem space to join the conversation. Hosting safe and enabling environments to nurture this conversation, always  hosted, never controlled.

designing "the space" to create change

To what end? What is the conversation for? I know in my life I can only change one person, and that's me. What we can co-create is the "space for change" to take place, not the actual change itself.  

 A space that is created "by" and "with" all those who occupy the problem area, ensuring that we stimulate not just divergent thinking but thinking with diverse stakeholders, ultimately creating interdependent & innovative projects of genuine social impact. 

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