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Aux Magazine

covid-19 response to uk & USA prisons

a studio project

Aux Communication


  • exponential increase in literacy  

  • over 50,000 issues distributed 

  • leading to arts awards

  • provision of in cell instruments

A studio project

Studio Projects represent a major undertaking for my design practice. Years of ethnographic & primary research provide the starting point for our co-creative conversations. Studio Projects are self commissioned and will result in a sustainable social enterprise or initiative that provides impact and longevity.


Covid19 and the pandemic created a brutal time for all. In prison, lockdown translated as being locked up for 23 hours and 40 minutes a day, with next to nothing in terms of engagement.  

Design as a conversation 

Design is a conversation, across space time and culture. Sometimes as a host, I create conversational starters to engage with all who occupy the problem space. Aux Magazine became that conversational starter, as well as a response to the pandemic. A response that nobody asked us to make, but one we all felt compelled to do so, because it is the right thing to do. 

What started life as a prototype and a conversational starter has become a communication platform that reaches over 3,000 men in the UK and a further 2,000 in the USA. Sometimes just starting the conversation is all that's needed.  

introducing Aux Magazine 

Throughout the lockdown period, InHouse Records, an award-winning rehabilitative programme operating in and out of UK prisons, has been publishing a weekly educational music magazine for UK prisoners – most of whom are locked up for almost 24 hours a day. 

weekly magazine 

The full-colour, weekly magazine, Aux, provides aspirational and educational material to over 2,500 prisoners in seven participating prisons across the South East. The magazine’s mix of content – it covers creativity, song-writing, rhythm, music, production and culture – is proving a hit with readers at a time when meaningful engagement is more critical than ever. 



Emily Thomas the Governor of HMP Isis said of Aux: "Young men here have been having to spend lots more time in their cells over the last few weeks and the weekly magazines have been really popular, people are always waiting for the next one. We're really grateful for the support because it means that our young men know people are thinking of them at this time and are still hoping they can help them to rehabilitate through what is a difficult time. So thank you very much.”

fender guitars

Aux increases literacy, promotes learning and provides healthy expressions of emotion. It also comes with an accompanying audio CD that includes practice tunes and inspirational interviews with InHouse Graduates, (participants of the programme who have since been released). As a direct result of the magazine, many prisoners have been inspired to take up guitar. Music as a force for good inspired Fender Guitars to generously donate 50 Acoustic Guitars, which have been distributed across the seven prisons. 

a Trojan horse

Aux Magazine, a Trojan Horse of a music magazine, education in disguise. 

project stakeholders

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