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a fresh approach to understanding homelessness

a partner project

London Ventures Accountability
London Ventures Accountability
London Ventures Accountability
London Ventures Accountability
London Ventures Accountability
London Ventures Accountability

provide new perspectives on homelessness to London councils

using fresh perspectives to collaborate & innovate 

A Partner project

Partner Projects represent a collaborative undertaking for my design practice. Months of interdependent co-creation develops the conversation from a safe and enabling environment to form initiatives of real transformation.


We have 33 local authorities all committed to making sure all who live in their boroughs have access to the most basic services, especially those who find themselves in challenging circumstances. 


Designer as a host 

My opinion of the role of the designer, especially within social innovation, has dramatically shifted from when I first stated studying. Images of a superhero designer saving the day with a last minute idea is better placed to the entertaining world of TV's hit series Mad Men, showing the brilliant Don Draper. However, I view the role of a social designer as a host, carefully ensuring that everyone is invited to the conversation, and then creating the safe and enabling environment by nurturing the start of that conversation. 

another point of view 

The artwork you see below is an example of a conversation "starter." Providing multiple perspectives of a problem that appears to be so familiar that we are unable to untangle it from our personal narratives. Providing this conversational starter not through words or a chart or even through user journeys and blueprints, but as a

re-imagined constellation. Formed and informed by the view that many of the co-creators of this project see when fall asleep at night. 



project stakeholders

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