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Lecture Extract "Design for Failure"

It’s often said that failure can be the greatest teacher, although how ironic that failure is a word that brings such shame amongst us and rarely conjures up images of our favourite teacher. Failure is something society has always managed social distancing from.


As children we have been warned to avoid failure, so when it does visit us, as it always does, our reaction is to hide it under the carpet. As we become older, we are less inclined to accept it and may even explore blaming someone else! If we can’t learn from our mistakes we will not only keep making them, but also create more chaos in the process.

Far from being avoided, we must do all we can in order for failure to become our friend. The more we are able to adapt from our mistakes the more our interdependence becomes stronger.

We can start right now by being brave and exploring our own failure, not critically or with judgement, but lovingly, with compassion, encouraging ourselves to adapt and in doing so, adapt together.

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